The Best Beauty Routine To Use Before A Big Event or Party

The Best Beauty Routine To Use Before A Big Event or Party

With the special event season approaching and the world opening up again, all the big events seem to be lining up all at once. Travel, thicker and longer makeup wear, lack of sleep, stress, and parties can wreak havoc on your skin and we also want all that makeup to go on smoothly and our skin to reflect light better than a disco ball. Many of my clients schedule time BEFORE their vacations and events, but my seasoned clients and skin pros know how important it is to book time AFTER everything winds down.

Strategic Skincare Routines

The focus should be on hydration and renewal, but you can’t book 1 treatment before a big event and expect big changes. Transformations take time, so it is best to plan ahead and pre-book some visits to your aesthetician to get your skin in check. The deeper exfoliating treatments should be spaced far enough away from the big day to avoid any residual flaking or purging. Facials right before the event should be booked 3-7 days before depending on what they entail.

Introducing your skin to a vitamin A serum weeks or months before your big day will help support and maintain the results of your professional skin services, and can address all sorts of concerns from acne, to pores, texture, and fine lines. The night before your special event I recommend sleeping in a creamy, nourishing overnight mask to plump and prep the skin for the day ahead.


Give your skin a fresh start with a deep cleaning facial to destress, decongest, and reward yourself for getting through the social stresses of the big day.

First things first, WASH YOUR MAKEUP OFF BEFORE BED. Big events sometimes mean big makeup all day and all night long, sticking to all those skin cells constantly shedding, and mixing together with sweat, dirt, and oils. Sleeping in your makeup is super dehydrating for the skin and can even lead to irritation. Oil cleansing is a gentle way to thoroughly deep clean your skin at the end of the night. All you need is a simple oil cleanser or plain jojoba oil, a wash cloth, and warm water.


1) Begin with clean hands, applying oil to dry skin and working it in for 60 seconds. Remove with a warm damp washcloth.
2) Apply oil to fresh side of warm dampened wash cloth and use the cloth + oil combo to cleanse your skin for 60 seconds

3) For your third and final pass, you will dampen a clean part of your washcloth, without applying any oil this time, and gently cleanse the skin to remove any residue.

Oil cleansing will remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin. You could also follow up the oil cleanse method with a second cleanse with a different texture for the ultimate double cleansing experience if you wish.

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